Our CEO explains Clickshare

AMHERST, Mass., June 24, 2010 — Richard A. Lerner, Ph.D., CEO of Clickshare Service Corp., discusses the services, vision, origins and ultimate vision of the company in this 8 min., 49-second clip. Click below to launch the Quicktime version or download an mp3 file.


From the clip:

"We help newspapers explore novel approaches to managing their content on the web and relating to their customers. It's software that's in use today, with millions of registered users..."

"...it's been an excellent sandbox for newspapers to try all kinds of different approaches..."

"The interesting backstory with Clickshare is that what we do today is only tangentially related to what the vision of Clickshare is, and the idea behind the original vision, and what we are still aiming at is: Once you subscribe at a newspaper who is your most trusted home provider, you should be able to access content from lots of other content sites and not just be limited to that content publisher's site. So one limited example is that it would be nice if your customers, when they went to your advertisers' websites, the advertisers' sites would recognize them as a newspaper customer and would tell them what the coupon specials are today for the local area. This notion that you can separate the content sites from the registration sites theoretically and technically allows us to cross corporate boundaries and the system is all intended for that..."