Service detail

Clickshare services in detail

Clickshare services to content owners enable them to derive more revenue from their valuable content by making premium services possible and by helping deliver more relevant advertising. These services work on tablets, smartphones or on the web. They include:

  • Know your users and be able to personalize services to them. Proven, in-use, turnkey user registration and profile management, hosted, synchronized and updated by Clickshare or integrated with an enterprise's existing authentication services. Designed for integration with shared-user network services, data can include user preferences and service classes.
  • Pick who gets to see your valuable content, when and at what price (or free). In-the-field, working solutions for managing content access by category, date, day, time, meter, price, class or user attribute. Implementable at a single site or across a network of sites and services. Control access by:
    1. Including geographic location, device in use or the affiliations or known attributes of the user.
    2. Including premium content, email services, commenting rights or viewing a preview rather than a full resource.
    3. Resources can be sold by subscription or per click, charged per event, by hours, day, week, month or year. Users can also be invited to make voluntary donations or become service "members."
    4. Sell resources in bundled packages which can included print, web, mobile or tablet services.
  • Connect your print subscribers to the web and make it easy for them to pay for a variety of web services. Proven integration with existing print subscription services and databases.
  • Secure management of billing and payment processing. Custom, implemented interfaces to credit-card gateways for realtime payment handling as well as periodic end-user billing of aggregated charges for both information services and physical goods
  • New registrations; total subscriptions; payments, credits, cancellations.
  • Clickshare has developed a patented four-party system for managing users and payments across a network of websites.