Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clickshare?

Clickshare is a sophisticated hosted solution that provides a full-featured access control subscription/membership service including registration, authentication and purchasing – of individual items, memberships and website access – for one server or across multiple servers.

What credit cards does Clickshare process?

We process all the major cards: American Express, Mastercard, and Visa (contact us for others). Besides credit cards, we also handle e-checks and paper checks. Processed payments are deposited directly in the merchant bank account of our client. Clickshare also supports micropayments via prepaid stored value accounts.

Does Clickshare provide a member center to allow customers to update their account?

Yes! We provide a customer interface that allows your user to request a new password, renew or cancel subscriptions/memberships, make payments, update their credit card details or mailing address and other personal data.

Does the Clickshare e-commerce service include a shopping cart?

Yes! We offer an integrated shopping cart that can be customized according to client specs. It features a Customer and Administrative interface; the latter allows staff to describe items for sale, review orders and manage tasks such as printing packing slip and shipping items.

If I decide to go with Clickshare, how long does it take to get it up and running?

A typical implementation can be completed within six weeks after a signed Clickshare contract is received.

Is Clickshare thinking of implementing the “Metered Approach” for publishers wishing to charge for content? If so, when will it be a reality?

Clickshare has been offering the Metered Approach to its client base since 2009 and continues this flexible model that enables our clients to monetize their digital assets. We also provide print subscribers free or reduced-rate access to online content, while charging web-only customers.

Does Clickshare provide customer support?

Yes! Our customer support department can be reached Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET, via telephone at (413) 253-7800 or email at
Also, we provide an Online Account Manager administrative tool that enables our clients to review their customer’s payment history, member/subscriber terms, as well as the ability to issue refunds, credits, send emails and offer other customer service care. The Account Manager tool permits you to retain control of the customer relationship.

Does the Clickshare solution offer recurring billing?

Yes! Recurring billing can be configured in accordance to our clients’ specs (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, yearly, etc.) for their customers whether they are subscribers, members, access to archives, students, etc.

Our association has frequent events: conferences, seminars, trade shows, etc. that members and non-members attend.
Can Clickshare facilitate the online registration and billing of the attendees?

Besides registering and billing the members of your association, Clickshare offers an add-on module called the Event Ticket Manager that provides both a Customer and an Administrative interface that permits customers to purchase tickets to events. The Administrative interface allows staff to define events and various ticket pricing plans, monitor sales, generate reports and open and close sales to an event. The system permits the placing of event-specific text and images on the purchase pages; capacity limiting tickets; and the collection of attendee and contact information for situations where the customer is purchasing more than one ticket or is purchasing tickets for someone else. Administrators can use this feature to generate reports for creating Badges and attendee lists in advance of the event. Payments are securely and efficiently processed.

How can I track orders processed by Clickshare?

Each night we email to our clients transaction reports which can be configured to include:
  • All registered users count
  • Current Subscriptions/Memberships by class (free, non-free), term (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • New Subscriptions/Memberships, (free, paying) renewals
  • Credits/refunds (by amounts)
  • Number of purchases, by amounts
  • Number of trial accounts
  • Distinct user logins, (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Total subscription/membership counts (current and cancelled
  • Online subscriptions that comply with the Audit Bureau of Circulation – ABC guidelines

Does Clickshare provide Content Management services?

No. Clickshare does not create or publish web pages. However, we have successfully integrated our system with leading content management solutions (Newscycle, Olive Software, NXTbook Media, Technavia, Drupal, etc.)