A sure hand at connecting all the pieces

Clickshare's proven services to major newspaper and trade-magazine publishers encompass customer reader registration and online subscription management solutions for publishers through an established, full-featured access control service. Our system enables implementation of much more than a simple "paywall." Publishers using our solutions are able to fine-tune access and pricing in multiple ways so that both subscription revenue and advertising revenue can be maximized.

Clickshare appreciates that news organizations must work with legacy systems across multiple departments. In our engagements, we are often asked to do so, too. Some examples of assignments we have completed include:

  • Print circulation database integration
  • Batch import of paid, trial or NIE accounts
  • Portal for sales-team creation of subscriber accounts
  • Print subscription capture
  • Specialized, secure information capture for promotions (e.g.: voluntary payments)
  • Secure account management portal for use by customer service

The benefit of years of experience has allowed us to become familiar with the challenges of integrating with multiple platforms. These include:

  • Web browsers
  • Mobile (including smart phones)
  • iPad apps
  • Authentication/access control for all content servers and services involved in your customer relationships.
  • Content management systems (Such as: Drupal, Newscycle)
  • Electronic editions (Olive, Nxtbook Media and others)
  • Community forums
  • Email list servers
  • Interfaces with third-party partner sites (e.g.: Data Joe)

We are also adept at creating and servicing private-label affiliate networks requiring:

  • Multi-site authentication
  • Flexible subscription packages
  • Event logging/real-time pricing
  • Commerce services
  • Payment/funds distribution services