Clickshare's mission is to make the marketplace for digital information

Today, Clickshare offers publishers and other clients the most reliable system for mobile reader registration, authentication and online subscription management.

Ultimately, we are working toward our vision of a Federated Identity Management network that will offer content owners:

  • Easy sign-up for a single account that can be used for content purchases at a growing list of Clickshare-enabled websites.
  • Sharing of news and other content within a network of affiliated Clickshare-enabled websites, providing free or reduced rate access to registered customers, while charging for access to non-customers.

Under Clickshare’s patented "Four Party" approach to trust, identity and information commerce, we have no direct consumer relationships. When our publishing clients ask us to manage user registrations and payments, we do so only as their agent. The client (or their end user) owns all the information we capture, and Clickshare has the authority to use it only as needed to provide services to the client.