Example Services

Here are examples of some of the services we have provided to clients over our first decade of service:

  • Metered access – allows access to specific number of pages with gradual messages leading to registration and payment requests. Clickshare allows publishers to establish all of the threshold variables and parameters.
  • Subscriptions for any type of term (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • IP-number-based access control - this is designed to allow global access in enterprise solutions such as master subscriptions for businesses or colleges.
  • Multi-seat subscriptions - this allows master and subsidiary accounts for enterprise or family solutions
  • Automatic renewal option for credit card payments
  • Per-item pricing
  • Daypass pricing, or other limited-duration access
  • Token pack - redeemable tokens for day or article access
  • Free trials - limited-duration free access for registered customers
  • 'Open house' access for capturing motivated users - this may be sponsored by a major advertiser
  • Special pricing for different customer categories, such as print, geographic or other packages
  • Newspapers In Education (NIE) access
  • Voluntary payments or donations, or membership models
  • Event registration and e-commerce payments for merchandise sales